Rain, Rain, Go Away

Greetings Fashionistas,

Today is a rainy day in the O, so I'm definitely putting on my scrubs for the job. No way am I dressing up in the torrential downpour that's occurring right now. Yesterday, I had on some cute little flats from Target, but I swear it was like I was wearing cardboard shoes. My entire foot became soaked when it began to rain. I didn't even step in any puddles or anything. Weird.

Anyways, today is supposedly the beginning of my shopping weekend. My mom is coming over to spend the weekend with me as well as we do our Christmas shopping. Anybody as last minute as I am? Well it's supposed to rain again for the next couple of days so I'm thinking about getting some low key rain boots. I don't really like all the different patterns out there so I'm going with a solid color. Check out a couple I've posted below.

Chooka Signature Rain Boot $65.00 www.jildorshoes.com

Jeffrey Campbell 'Voom' Rain Boot

Women's Zetta Tall Rain Boots

$24.99 www.target.com

Pretty tame choices, but they're just rain boots so I'm cool with low key this time around.



Rebecca said…
Those JC boots are super cute.