Oh What to Wear???

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend! I shopped not 'til I dropped, rather I shopped 'til I was broke :-( Oh well, I'm not totally crazy. I did leave a stash behind so I wouldn't become malnourished for lack of the ability to purchase food, LOL! I'm sure my family's going to be happy. We give throughout the year so Christmas is really about the meaning behind this holiday season rather than receiving.

So guys, I have a really big ball to attend this upcoming Saturday. It is the Jewett Alumni Scholarship Ball. As the name implies, we raise money for our minority high school graduates. This year, my class is responsible for putting on the program. My classmates and I are too excited. However, I've been dealing with some body issues (I'm sure some of you ladies can understand) and have been struggling to get the perfect outfit to flatter my body type. I've narrowed down some styles below but I'm really feeling this little black number that Beyonce wore promoting handbags in China.

I love this cute LBD but of course I would need a longer hemline. I just wouldn't feel comfortable at a scholarship ball with a super short dress. My mom says that she's gonna try to recreate the above, sans the tiers (which I'm not partial to). I hope she's able to finish in time for the event on Saturday.

Until then, I'll still try to locate some styles like the ones below to compliment my curves.

ASOS Folded One-Shoulder Dress $46.59 www.asos.com

This dress gently flows over the hips and has a sash at the waist that will emphasize my small waist.

Celebrity Homecoming Dresses by Atria

$158.00 www.edressme.com

I'm a little skeptical about this dress because the material seems to stretch over the lower half but I would get a size larger so that I have a little room in that area (I do want to dance at the ball).

Maggy London Side Drape Strapless Jacquard Dress

$148.00 www.nordstrom.com

This is a gorgeous dress and the long side draping allows the material to flow nicely over wider hips. It also has a nice cinched waist.

Aqua Strapless Chiffon Dress with Ruffled Hem $198.00 www.bloomingdales.com

Look at the movement with this dress. The ruffled hemline is so fun and flirty. It also does its job well by masking a larger bottom.

I'll keep the search going and let you all know what I find in store.........or if my mom is able to finish my dress.



Janelle said…
I like the last two dresses. Cute and formal looking.