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Greetings Fashion Friends,

So my silly teacher has not responded to my email yet. However, the online administrator did. He says that she cannot just accuse me of plagiarism nor can she just give me a zero without providing me with the evidence. He said if I dropped the class now, it would result in an "F" on my transcript which would affect my grades until I retook the course. Ummmm, I'm pretty certain that's not an option folks.

Professors at IADT have about 48 hrs to respond to emails or phone calls and it looks like so far, she's trying to maximize this window. But don't you fret my friends, I am NOT going down without a fight (war of words of course). I'll certainly keep you all updated. I really think she's gonna reply today...fingers are crossed.

So, I told you all that I was going to Bloomingdale's to scoop up the Dolce Vita boots to help quell my anger. Well, to my utmost dismay, they only had sizes 6 and 9 left. WTH???? Okay, I'm trippin', what did I really expect? People have been flocking to the sales trying to find a good deal and I just let that one slip right by me. So you know I had to find something right? Check out my new additions below.

Got this cute little satin jumper at Forever 21. For such a low price (about $24), it feels really good and doesn't fit awkwardly.

Another lovely Zara special. I love the color on this dress!

I got this dress at H&M for only $15 bucks. And don't let the way it hangs on the rack deceive you. It fits on the body well, molding to the curves just right. What a nice surprise.

Of course I still had to get a pair of boots and these over the knee boots from Zara were only $50 bucks.

On my short frame, these boots look more thigh high than anything. Verdict: LOVES THEM!!!!!!!!



wooow, nice shopping

kisses from Munich
Anonymous said…
I love the boots! Keep us posted, I hope things work in your favor!