Greetings Fashion Divas,

I spotted this pic of fab chick Angela Simmons over at the and I must say I'm a little disturbed. When are leggings with side rip outs (up to the butt no less) ever hot??? For Angela's outfit, as a personal stylist I would have recommended a longer shirt that hits below the bum. The shirt she's wearing now shows a little too much thigh and is borderline scandalous.
The only thing that's saving the look from looking hooker chic is the sneakers and covered top (the jacket and shirt combo). FYI guys, if you insist on rocking this look, only expose rip outs mid-thigh and down. In addition, wear a top that hits below the bum, preferably one that is several inches below the butt, and sport some ankle boots or high-top sneakers. It's a fine line that we walk in the world of fashion. In this case, don't go outside of the line :-)


Amy said…
I personally like her outfit. But I do see where you're coming from. Not everyone can pull that off