Fashionistas at the Launch Party

Greetings, had their launch party the other day in NY and some of music's biggest names came out to help celebrate. VEVO is a new music video website. Of course you know the only thing I was really interested in was the fashions. See below.
Rihanna hit the carpet with the most pronounced shoulder pads I've seen thus far. Is this a Balmain design? She's rocking that 80s chic look to the max. Her Loubs were hot to death!!! Although, on second glance, they appear dangerous :-p
Lady Gaga came in her usual eccentric style. You gotta lover her :-)
Corrinne Bailey Rae is rocking the jumper, blazer, and heels look I was just talking about yesterday. The color combo is a little different but then again, so is she. I LOVE her hair!!!

Mariah Carey showed off her curves with this black corset style dress.

I'm a little concerned with Ciara's ensemble. It really is more reflective of Wonder Woman than Super C fab! I love those Christian Louboutin boots but paired with this ensemble, I'm having second thoughts. She looks pretty though.

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Anonymous said…
Ciara's outfit is horrible. And honestly, I don't even like Rihanna's ether. Gold star for Corrine!