Weekend Recap

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend! I took a little trip to Dallas, TX this weekend for business. With that being said, I was only able to enjoy the extravagant lushness of my room and the awesome views of the gorgeous city....from my room. I'll definitely have to come back because I learned from the concierge that Dallas is the 8th largest city in the US and has plenty of opportunities for a great social life and lots of shopping. Of course, this latter piece of trivia piqued my interest promptly :-p

I arrived just in time to take a pic and run right down to a meeting....hence the work wear.

The hotel was decorated in that posh, old world style and the rooms were extremely huge.

Granite counter tops and marble floors....yeah, I need to upgrade to this style from here on out when traveling.

Looking at this painting on the wall that is really giving me some inspiration for one that I have at home. Sorry I couldn't show you the painting but the pic kept coming out dark.

Views of downtown Dallas

Yeah, this was from the comfort of my hotel room.

On my way down to another meeting.
Ruffled button down top: Banana Republic; Slacks: Off 5th Saks; Suede heels: Zara

I love this shirt from BR.....especially since the price was a mere $10. Yippie!

Jewelry: Earrings - boutique in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico; Necklace - Diesel
Hopefully my next trip will be a little more exciting....although I am grateful for the ability to go out and make some things happen....trip paid in full :-)



Anonymous said…
You looked great! I'm a Florida native, but I just moved from Dallas about 6 months ago. You would LOVE the shopping there! Dallas has the most shopping per capita than any other city, so imagine how much fun you would have giving your paycheck away at those malls! I'm glad that you enjoyed your trip!
Kanisha said…
wow, you live the lavish life! lol, cute blog :) following!

workhard said…
Hey u look good.. the pics are real nice.. like ur ruffled down top..

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