Weekend Recap

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had the absolute BEST Halloween I've experienced in a while.

So.........as you can see, I was really trying to channel a 1980s aerobics instructor. Loves Jane Fonda! However, I kinda fell in between the above and a 1980s roller blader (without the skates). LOL!
We went downtown to join in with the festivities and it was fun, awesome, and everyone was in the best of spirits. Check out my many photos below.

This guy's costume was awesome. The lower half of his body is in the gorilla suit but the upper half is in the case.

This guy dressed as T-Pain....he went a little far with the make-up

I ran into my cousin, hilarious! He's dressed as the mob boss on the left. Loved the guy in the Madea costume.

Here is Eric, dressed as a geisha, chillin' with some Super Mario characters.

Too cute!

American Gladiators - they even put on a show

Eric found some of his old coworkers.

Geesh, I wished I could have gotten a better pic of those robots. One was dressed as Bender from Futurama and the other as the maid from the Jetsons cartoon.

We found some more of our friends in line for the club. They were giving away $5000 for the best costume.

Solid gold

This guy's legs are going to be huge. He walked on these stilts for at least 5 hours straight.

Don't know what this guy was but his costume was hot.

Check out Lilu from The Fifth Element

Loved Eric's fan.......simply because it was super hot and humid and without it we would have passed out, lol!

I loved this Starbucks coffee costume. The writing on the bottom was super cute.

Optimus Prime stood in this spot the entire night.

The corpse and his bride......too cute

I had never seen sooooo many folks out at night. The streets were shut down.

I had to let you all check out my fabulous eyelashes up close.

The money you could be saving if you switched to Geico. It was hilarious trying to watch him pick up his eye that had popped out.

Some people were not very creative but it still was fun to see that a gang of folks joined in the merry festivities.

Ummmm, yeah, he's dressed exactly like what you think he is.


Downtown was packed!

As soon as we made it out there, we ran into one of our classmates Anna.

I loved her hat.

Okay, we made it. Geesh, my thighs are insane. Oh well, truly a coke bottle figure.

Eric worked the hell outta those heels. As many times as we walked up and down the streets, I would have been barefoot, like so many other women out there.



Amber said…
You guys look great. Loved the Starbucks girl (I live for their mochas).