New Trend Alert - Sequins from Head to Toe

Greetings Fashion Lovers,

Okay, I'm getting really nervous now that I've seen several, very influential celebrities sporting sequined outfits from head to toe.

Beyonce was spotted out and about in head to toe sequins. Sienna Miller rocked her sequined look to a red carpet premiere.

Rihanna and Vanessa L. Williams are hopping on board with their jumpers.
I can't imagine what the fast fashion stores like Wet Seal, H&M or Forever 21 would have hanging on their racks but I don't think it will be pretty. For a less "in your face" look with sequins, try wearing sequins either up top only or as a bottom, as illustrated below.

Sequin Leggings $39.00

Siwy Hannah Slim Crop Sequin Legging
Reminds me of the 70s disco era. I was not a fan, but maybe some of you were.

Thunderwash Sequin Leggings

Thunderwash......LOL. I'm not even going to go there :-p

Floral Metallic Sequin Pant $29.80

These are actually similar to the sequin pattern Rihanna is wearing. Be very careful people. I see you with a black tank, black blazer, no jewelry, and black shooties.



▲ FARRAH ▲ said…
I can ultimately NOT live without leggings :)