Look for Less

Greetings Fashion Lovers,

Sequins are pretty hot this season and I've been spotting more starlets and other fashionitas wearing them throughout the day as well as into the evening. I especially love sequins worn as a top or as a jacket (I'm partial to the blazer style). Check out Kim K's look to the right and see how we can get this look for less below.

Sequin Blazer by Rare $138.00 http://www.topshop.com/

Flamenco Dot Top $19.80 http://www.forever21.com/

Stretchy Leggings $7.99 http://www.pinkice.com/

Triple-Strand Flower Necklace $35.00 http://www.nyandcompany.com/

Peep Toe Cage Heels $20.80 http://www.forever21.com/

Alright chicas, go on out and leave a sparkly trail of fashion inspiration!



Gitte said…
I love that jacket <3 just the best! and you've got a new follower ^^!