Instant Outfit

Greetings Fashion Trendsetters,

I've been working hard on developing a good portfolio of people I've personally styled as well as outfits I've created....just because. It's always good to keep pictures or drawings of the things you've done. It lends credibility, makes you look super professional, and allows potential clients to see the work you've created and what you're capable of doing.

Here's another instant outfit that adding to my arsenal. My portfolio is a blend of pictures, a couple of drawings, and computer generated outfits. My next move is to get a dress form.

Ahead of the Trend
Ahead of the Trend by Fashion Pad featuring CC Skye jewelry

It is so fun to take a truly feminine item and then add a tough, edgy item to establish a little interest, contrast, and definitely to keep them guessing.

Edgy Chic
Edgy Chic by Fashion Pad featuring Diane von Furstenberg dresses



Anonymous said…
The first outfit is ok. For the second outfit, I personally would go for a fuchsia pink or red shoe since navy blue and black together (although goes) tends to be drab, boring and lacks innovation. The blue/black combo would be more lively if paired with a lighter gray cardigan, that was shorter and more tailored. Longer, flowy cardigans are best paired with form fitting dresses.
Fashion Pad said…
Okay, thanks for the advice but I'm super confident in my assessment of styling. These two sets are actually apart of a challenge on for We had to use items only from their site available on Polyvore. Thanks again and please keep the comments coming!
Laneisha said…
Loves the first outfit. Looks like something Tracee Ellis Ross would wear. She's my celeb crush (I know, weird).