IADT Fashion Show Recap

Greetings Fashionistas,

As promised, here is the recap of the fashion show we went to about a week ago featuring a few of the students from my school, The International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT).

Getting ready to leave. Sorry for the blurry photo, my nephew's only 7 yrs old. Such a cutie!
Cardigan: Target; Tee: Saks; Jeans: Urban Outfitters; Necklace and Belt: Forever 21; Cuff Bracelets: Hot Topics; Clutch: Barneys New York; Pumps: Charlotte Russe

The hair was not acting right at ALL....arrgghhh

Geesh, Iwas cheesin' real hard right there. Eric looks fabulous!

After the show, we hobbed-nobbed with all the fashion folks, lol!

Eric was killing the neutral palette. Loves it!

Collection 1

This designer created the following lovely collection. His attention to detail and love of the female form was brilliantly displayed on his designs.

Super cute!

Collection 2

This student had recently graduated and she was getting ready to travel to Australia for some inspiration.....must be nice. Her designs were very well detailed and I could really see myself wearing them.

Collection 3

This talented young man will be graduating in a couple of months. His pieces were very tailored, not much movement at all, but they still made an impact on the audience. You could tell by the ooohhs and awwws.

Collection 4

This guy was super hilarious. His designs were truly the definition of a collection as his pieces could easily be mixed together, he used colors to tie them together, and the fabrics were consistent throughout his looks as well.

Collection 5

This student, who is actively looking for a job, used a lot of chiffon, metallics, and flirty details.

Collection 6

This young designer was already well accomplished in the fashion industry as a stylist for several department stores. Her clothes were unique and very well made.

The show was a success in my opinion and loads of fun.



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