Current Obsession - Open Toe Booties

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend. I can not believe my inability to stop purchasing shoes right now. I mean, obviously I'm still buying clothes and jewelry as well but not to the degree of my shoe purchases......especially booties.

I have this weird obsession currently with open/peep toe booties. I told you guys before I'm in this "bad ass" rocker chic dress mode where I've been heavily rocking metals, studs, chains and exposed zippers. It just deviates so much from my little "wholesome" character that I can't help but embrace these items.

This past Friday, Nordstrom Rack opened up in the O and I quickly snatched up a couple of items including these booties by Jessica Simpson . Check out some more styles below I'm stalking.
Orion Ankle boots $59.99
Promise Softer Peep Toe bootie
Breckelle's Amber07 Ankle Boots
$24.29 (on sale)
BCBGirls Chester $129.00
Korset $119.96 (on sale)
Easily Suede Boots $54.99
Open Toe Ankle Bootie $68.00
Zipper Trim Pedestal Platform $34.10
Happy Shopping!


I V Y said…
omgigosh omgigosh omgigosh the suede studded booties i must have! nice blog!