Chillin' at the B-ball Game

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I completed my last project last night for this term and I'm too excited! My project turned out fabulously in my Sketching class and as soon as I get it back from my teacher I'm going to post it here.

After class, I also had the opportunity to attend the Orlando Magic vs the Cleveland Cavaliers game in the Amway Arena. It was my first season b-ball game (I saw a pre-season game in Tampa a few years back) and I had sooooo much fun. Not many outfit shots, couldn't have the fans trying to throttle me from getting in their way :-)
Denim Blazer: Charlotte Russe; Necklace: Love Couture; Earrings: Forever 21; White tee: Max Rave
Man that freakin' blur to the left on the court is Lebron James. He was killin' us with the fade-away shots and super fast crossovers. Argghhh!
Shaq is just unnaturally huge. He dwarfed all the other players out there. Yikes!
It was a full the beginning. No true fan leaves just because we're down but these people were actually walking out!
I don't know why I'm cheesin'. We lost to the Cavaliers 102 - 93 :-(


Danielle said…
Oh cool, I'm jealous!