All Work and No Play......

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

So here are some pics of me and my BFF out and about to celebrate our Classic weekend. Theses pics were taken Friday and I had had a hellish day at work.....hence the title of this post.

Yes, I did break out the simple leggings and top outfit, but I was not in the mood to be fashion forward.

Top: Forever 21; Earrings: H&M; Clutch: Forever 21; Leggings: Off Saks 5th; Heels: Report Signature

My bestie was super cute!

Why are there people really dancing on the dance floor and those that are just standing around chit chatting? It looks really odd on pics. Next time, they'll just have to be cropped out, lol.

Michael Jackson moment....I'm almost positive

Keep jukin'..they lookin'

Until the next time.......



May Kasahara said…
I LOVEEE the neckline on that top.
and I totally need to go dancing soon . . . .
Anonymous said…
Ya'll look hot! And you are definitely a fellow Flawda girl! LOL @ keep jukin'! The leggings are perfect and are giving you a hint of bad girl, but you still look sweet and your friends' booties are hittin! Love it!

very nice!!!! fiesta!!

kisses from Munich,