Reader Request - Long Sleeve Maxi

Greetings Fashion Trendsetters,

I have a reader request from Moannie:

I googled winter maxi and up came your blog. How I wish I could afford all of those dresses. I am going to have surgery and I wanted to find some warm (I live in the UK), hip dresses to wear as I recuperate. Could you help me find something affordable?

Well Moannie, I won't lie, this was incredibly hard. The last post I did on maxi dresses featured some pretty expensive ones, which is usually what's out there. However, I worked super hard to come up with this list featuring long sleeve maxi dresses under $100.
Curtsey deep-v dolman maxi dress
Lurex Maxi Dress $90.00
ASOS Seam Detail Jersey Maxi Dress
Intarsia Sweater Maxi Dress
$46.80 (on sale)
Black Elegant Maxi With Drop Waist
ASOS Button-Through Jersey Maxi Dress
I hope this helps Moannie! Also, if you happen to run across some maxi dresses without any sleeves or short sleeves, just add a long sleeved tee underneath to accomplish the same look as the above.