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Greetings Fashionistas and Happy Friday,

Yesterday was a hectic day for me both at work and after. I have the day off today but I'll be spending it trying to entertain my active 7 year old nephew. Oh what to do, what to do? I do know one thing we'll be doing, and that's attending a fashion show at the mall featuring students from my fashion school. Can't wait!

Yesterday the weather was partially sunny and not as cold so I donned some sandals, a dress, and blazer to enjoy, hopefully, the last lil rays of sunshine. I repeat, I'm sooooo ready for winter. Or at least a healthy fall season.

I know fall is here because my grass has turned already but as you can also see, I'm outside in sandals and a short dress with the sun high in the sky.

Wow, I didn't realize this pic was so blurry before.....my bad!

Had to hit up the hair salon yesterday. It's time for a new look. Lately I've been so restless with my hair. Maybe I should just dye it or cut it so I can leave it alone for a while. Hmmm, I'll have to think hard on that. My career severly limits my freedom of choice when it comes to my hair.
Blazer: Zara; Dress; DIY (from an old tunic); Handbag; Cole Haan; Necklace: Forever 21; Sandals: Via Spiga

I'll be back later to share a reader request with you guys.



Anonymous said…
Very cute! Gotta love the Florida weather!