The Look for Less

Greetings Fashion Divas,

So I'm out browsing in Neiman's before my class started and ran across this lovely, exotic handbag by Christian Louboutin. Oh how precious, then I just happened to glance at the tag and stilled my beating heart.....not for my recessionista spending habits. Oh well, so I moved on. I then journeyed down to my favorite department store, Bloomingdales and ran across some cute harem cargo pants. I thought they were a nice little concept. But low and behold, I refused to pay the exuberant amount of money on the tag for a pair of trendies. Of course I had to search the look for less. See below.
Christian Louboutin Piercing Pony Satchel
This satchel is absolutely gorgeous in person. But that price is unfortunately unattainable for me right now.

Leopard Print Nancy Bag
$25.46 (on sale)
Wow, this is a great look for less. I'm so proud of my find!

Alice + Olivia Congo Banded Cargo Harem Pants
These pants have a nice drape to them. But I'm still not falling for that price point.

Banded Bottom Harem Pant

I couldn't find a pair with cargo pockets but everything else is in order....including the price.