It's Still Hot as Hades!!!

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

When I tell you all that we are breaking records here in O-town I am NOT lying. Why on earth are the temperatures still in the mid-high 90s? Yesterday it was 93....I'm sure a record had to be broken! Oh well, no breaking out the boots just yet, still rocking my maxis though. Not a total waste, but I'm definitely ready for a change.
On my way to the know, just to see what they have out there. I was good, and I didn't purchase a thing. Go me!!!
This dress drags the floor but I just can't cut it because it still looks fab to me even with the extra material around my feet.
Here's a close look at my awesome vintage bag. My uncle got it for me. How cool is that?

This necklace is too cute. It has a fish dangling from it. Loves it!

Dress: Charlotte Russe; Necklace: Forever 21; Handbag: Vintage; Earrings: Nordstroms; Shoes: Forever 21