H&M Pre-Grand Opening

Greetings Friends,
Last week, I was invited to the pre-grand opening of our very first H&M here in the O last Tuesday. Talk about super excited. The red carpet was in full effect, the bubbly was flowing, fashionistas were stylish head to toe, and the clothes were on point......I'm sorry, but I'm sure you all know I had to purchase a couple of items. They gave their invitees an extra 25% off, geesh!

I hadn't been there 5 minutes before I grabbed this sweater.....just....sad. Meet Eric, he is the fabulous youngin that will be joining me here at The Fashion Pad.

Okay, this was the line for the dressing rooms....ummm, I think I'll take my chances with the fit, lol

IADT fashion students unite! Anna, Eric, Me, and Dawona

Eric is hi-la-ri-ous and super stylish. You guys will absolutely love him when he joins The Fashion Pad

The store is pretty huge as it replaced a good portion of Lord & Taylor's department store which previously occupied the space.

I had to get my BFF some jewelry because she wasn't able to come.

Blazer: French Connection; Denim Jumper: Urban Outfitters; Necklace: Forever 21; Handbag: Cole Haan; Shoes; Nine West

Completely satisfying event. We had sooooo much fun. It was totally worth it leaving our Clothing Construction class early to attend this par-tay! I have to make myself available to attend more of these.


Denise said…
Cute outfit! Love the blazer and romper