Fashion Trends for Fall 2009 - Part VII

Greetings Fashion Friends,

This is one of my favorite trends.......statement jewelry. I'm not really a girlie girl ( I was literally a tomboy from middle school to the first couple of years in high school) so I don't really gravitate towards the dainty, feminine jewelry pieces. I mean, they're pretty, but I want what I'm wearing to make a bold statement. Whether my button-up shirt, trousers and cardigan say "serious professional" or my little black dress with the 6-in stilettos say "femme fatale", I want my style to reflect how I'm feeling so I try to dress that way on a daily basis. No matter if you're feeling down and out, just go hard in life! That's why statement jewelry will always be my go to pieces. They really make a simple sheath look glamorous. You can't beat that with a bat!

1. Fur
2. Creative Tights/Leggings
3. Boyfriend Jacket
4. Over-the-knee boots
5. Plaid
6. Suede
7. Statement Jewelry
8. Animal Prints
9. Military Coats
10. Rocker Chic - Metal Details

The 80s inspired huge, chain link necklace imparts a edginess to Rachel Roy's sleek ensemble. I need something similar in my now.

Janet polished her look up with this lovely chain full of vintage looking beads. Reminds me of a rosary.

Katy Perry looks absolutely adorable with her bold colors and tribal styled necklace.

There are lots of affordable statement pieces for the recessionistas.

ASOS Statement Multi Beaded Teardrop Earrings

No matter if the hair is short or long, these earrings are going to shine through.

Statement Necklace $14.00

Those discs are very intriguing.....and affordable.

Smoked Topaz Bumble Bee Statement Necklace

I swear this necklace has to cover the entire collar bone, lol.

Grand Flower Cuff $6.80

I would love to pair this with a little black dress for a bold contrast.

Fleur-De-Lis ring $18.00

Nice flair. Love the style.

Faux Pearl Cluster Ring $4.80

This ring sits on top of your finger....literally. So if a large ring is uncomfortable for you, beware.

Blue Agate Bracelet

Love the blue agate stone on this affordable fashion item

Beaded Organic Necklace

The design of this necklace reminds me of a skeleton head....weird

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See ya tomorrow for a look at animal prints!



I love the bee necklace...very stylish with a bit of whimsy. Jaima