Fashion Trends for Fall 2009 - Part V

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Today's trend is always around. I wouldn't say it's a classic but it does date back a couple hundred years. I've also noticed that for the past couple of Fall seasons it has definitely made the top ten trend lists. Plaid is not my fave look and as a matter of fact, I believe the only plaid that exists in my closet are patterned on several of my scarves. I love, love, love patterned scarves and plaid is no exception. However, there are several appealing options for me to scoop up this season so you may see me in one of my new items soon *wink, wink*

1. Fur
2. Creative Tights/Leggings
3. Boyfriend Jacket
4. Over-the-knee boots
5. Plaid
6. Suede
7. Statement Jewelry
8. Animal Prints
9. Military Coats
10. Rocker Chic - Metal Details

Liya Kebede rocks a loose fitting button down

Christina Aguilera flaunts an early 90s grunge-inspired look

Monica dresses her fitted plaid sweater up with skinny jeans and ankle boots
Clearly, no matter your personal style, plaid does have a way of fitting right in. If it's too much for you, but you still wanna try it out, just throw on a vest, scarf, or hat. Let's take a look at what's in stores now.
Audrina Bias-Plaid Shirt $39.50
Love the colors and it looks like it will fit nicely on the body

Harlem Trouser by Trina Turk
$99.00 (on sale)

I think plaid pants look a tailored trouser style ONLY!!! However, don't be offended, I'm only expressing my personal views. I would recommend pairing with a dark top and bringing in a pop of color like red to liven up the look.

Ariana Buff-Check Scarf $14.50

This is a great color and awesome price! Bright colors combined with black is all the rage this season.

Cape Winslet $52.99
What a super cute cape coat.

Plaid Fedora Hat $16.99
This hat is cute and affordable for those that just want a dash of plaid.

Testament Barrington Plaid Vest $94.00
This vest is tres chic with the layered look. Me likey :-)

DIMRI Belted Plaid Dress

You can wear this dress with black tights, ankle boots, a leather motorcycle jacket or a turtleneck underneath.

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Come back tomorrow for some cool suede items!!!


NY Fashionista said…
I love that plaid cape! To bad it's sold out :(