What Were They Thinking - 2009 VMAs

Greetings Fashion Padders,

I had to come back and discuss the questionable outfits that were paraded down MTV's Video Music Awards red carpet last evening. I mean, you're in New York people and in the middle of fashion week!!!!!!!! You must come hard or go home! And don't you dare give me that age old line that musicians love to use...."I dress to express my creative vision".....Riiiiiggghhhttt! Check out these lovely celebs that made my "What Were They Thinking" list.

Amber Rose gets my award for Worst Dressed of the 2009 VMAs. I'm sure she believes in her mind that she is rocking this painted on snakeskin bodysuit...but umm, no ma'am. Leave that mess in the bedroom, or strip club.

Adrienne Baillon comes in as runner-up with this lifeless, throwback shift. She's usually on point so I'm going to give her a pass on this and note that her make-up is nice.

Me no likey Jennifer's dress and shoe combo. She looked disheveled and ill-fitted. But to give her a break, she's wearing it like it's the bomb. Can't knock her swag!

Ashely Greene, New Moon actress, was wearing a decidedly non-complementary outfit for an awards show in my opinion. And on top of that, she was the celebrity fashion correspondent so I'm perturbed that her stylist didn't make her look fabulous.

Okay, these last celebs were not officially included on my worst dressed list but I had no idea how to label them. Their attire was interesting to say the least.

Leighton Meester's Christian Cota dress was cute but I'm on the fence about the pairing with the Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

Katy Perry is cute but she still comes off as a Vegas showgirl in this metallic silver mini and sparkling pumps.

Lady Gaga....enough said

Pics spotted at People.com