Technical Difficulties......ARRRGGGHH!!

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers and Welcome Back from the Weekend,

I am unfortunately posting from my Samsung Instinct because I'm having problems with my computer. Every time I'm online it just shuts down, no notice, just closes out on what I'm working on and stuff. Talk about aggravating! I have an assignment due in one of my fashion classes so I guess I'll have to end up working on it at my job, lol!

I think my computer has a virus so I'm going to have to drop it off with my techno neighbor and hopefully I'll be able to post tonight after he's finished uploading anti-virus software. If not, I'll be sure to see you guys back here at our regularly scheduled appointment :-)

BTW, did anyone watch the Emmy's last night? I totally forgot that it was even coming on! I even missed the red carpet and you know I'm fuming right now. I guess I can catch pics online but it's just not the same. Oh well, I had a couple of reader requests to post anyway so I'll get to that hopefully tonight or first thing in the morning.

Hope you fine people have a great day!