T-Wedge Sandals

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I bought these leather T-Bar platform wedges from Asos the other day and I'm patiently awaiting their arrival.....SIKE! I'm impatiently awaiting their arrival, even though I know in my mind that the sandals have to come from the UK, not a swift delivery. This is such an unusual purchase for me because they're kind of quirky but yet I'm still infatuated.....tsk, tsk it's not like I need them right this minute but aren't they lovely? The two-tone color is striking and the funky wedge heel is unique. They will be a great summer to fall transition piece and, with the addition of tights, I will be rocking them come winter as well. Hey, I'm in Florida, I can do that! These heels were on clearance for $61.60, down from their original price of $156.32. Sweet!!!