Shoe Arrival!!!!!

Greetings Fabulous Friends,

Welcome back from your wonderful weekends!!! I was sooooo super excited with all the sales, parties, BBQs, and so on, but guess what I ended up doing? I sat on my behind! And when I tell you it was the most wonderful thing in the world.....that sadly let's me know I'm getting old, lol! Oh well, I got some much needed rest because I have an aggravating cold right now and I had my NEW shoes arrive from Asos as well :-p

I did not realize the heel was 6.4 inches high! I was like the leaning tower of Pisa when I first put them on but they are really comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in. But I will warn you not to make any sharp turns or anything like that, I almost broke my freakin' ankle, lol!
These are so uber fabulous!!! I can't wait to rock them :-)