Not One But TWO!!!!

Greetings Fashion Divas and Happy Friday,

Oh yeah it's the weekend folks! I have to work this weekend but oddly enough I'm still happy to see Friday, weird. Anyhew, yesterday I went shopping with my friend Eric, who will soon be a contributing editor here on Fashion Pad, we will proceed with intros in the next week or so, and I FINALLY found my perfect black blazers!!! Yippie.!

I happened to scoop up both of them at Zara. And I promise you, those were the only two items I bought and we perused the entire Mall. That in itself is an amazing feat, but I did warn you all that I was serious about my fashion goals . I'm so happy that I found not one, but two black blazers that will merge successfully with my fall/winter wardrobe. I've been looking for a while but my studious patience and determination to find the perfect fit paid off, in this case. See below.

Ha! Love this basic black blazer. It fits perfectly and I can definitely see myself wearing it over some dresses this fall.

Is that velvet??? Yes, yes it is. I've forgone my Topshop blazer for this fab, tuxedo, mens inspired velvet one from Zara. The structure is on point and I feel like a fabulously styled pimp. LMBO!



Rebecca said…
I love the tuxedo blazer!!!!!! I could not find it in my Zara so I'm pretty much hatin' right now. LOL!