New Heights

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

It was so entirely traumatic for me to get outta bed this morning. I don't know what's been going on lately. I literally get a workout dragging my behind up from my blissful slumber, lol. I think I need a day off or something. I'm still going to school, blogging, working on my fashion business, my community program, and still maintaining my bread and Loves it all but I'm pretty sure I'm insane. Oh well.

I know you all have noticed the new heights that boots are soaring to this fall.....again. Thigh-high boots are here and have trampled the over the knee boots we all were obsessed with last fall. The thigh highs have actually been slightly modified to mold to the leg and as a matter of fact, on the runways, they were even being used in place of leggings. Tres chic!

Melody Thornton sported the hot dominatrix look with her thigh-highs, but hers were not as extreme as Ciara's below
Ciara performed for the The 2009 Audi Best Buddies Challenge in Carmel, CA in these fabulous Christian Louboutin thigh-high boots. Clearly for the bold fashionista.
I'm loving these suede ones by Brian Atwood below.

Brian Atwood Jamie suede boots
Of course I can't afford these so I went searching for a suitable alternative below.

Daniela Thigh High Boot

These fab heels by Bebe are super cute and they also come in black. And at $159, I can scoop them up easily....well you know after I reach my goal weight, lol.



simplybeautifu4 said…
Can you post a picture of the boots along with the outfit, Rihanna wore on Jay Leno last night.