The Look for Less

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

I did a little damage at the mall yesterday, I guess to make up for missing the Labor Day sales or something. Who knows with me, I think I'm the only idiot that shops after the sales are over....geesh!

I was so thorough with my shopping that I had to literally rush to class so one of the things I did not have time to scoop up was a black blazer. A classically tailored blazer is a must have essential for Fall. I'm really loving the oversized blazer below available at Adam .

Ponte Double Breasted Blazer

I love the way the lapel lays and the slightly pointed shoulders.

Now I can't get this particular blazer, especially after my little spree yesterday but I am loving the three blazers below that I plan to check out either today or some time this weekend.

ASOS Power Shoulder Tux Blazer

Silence & Noise Black Long Party Blazer

I would definitely pair this longer blazer with a dress, tights, and booties this season.

Women's Essential One-Button Blazers
I'm not sure of the structure of the above blazer nor the shorter length, so I think it'll be placed on my list, but as a last resort option.

What do you guys think? Are blazers in your forecast this upcoming season......again?



Erika said…
Yeah right now I'm obssessed with blazers. I have about 15 and I still lust for more.
Angie said…
I think blazers with different textures, like the velvet one you posted a while back, is in my future.