Fashion Trends for Fall 2009 - Part II

Greetings Fashionistas,

We're still covering the fabulous trends for Fall. Today's trend is fun and a little out there but I'm still gonna give it a thumbs up.....well because I like when you can take risks with your fashion style and although my style generally consists of classic items, I do like to shake it up every now and then with something a little outside of the box.

1. Fur
2. Creative Tights/Leggings
3. Boyfriend Jacket
4. Over-the-knee boots
5. Plaid
6. Suede
7. Statement Jewelry
8. Animal Prints
9. Military Coats
10. Rocker Chic - Metal Details

Tights and leggings have been brought to the forefront of fashion for the past couple of seasons and I think they should become a permanent fixture on the fashion scene. They're so versatile and totally transform an outfit.

These Stella McCartney leggings that Charlize Theron is wearing have a creative lace pattern down the sides. Tres' chic!

Check out some styles below that are available right now in stores.

Animal Coated Legging $13.50

Super hot for a night out on the town!

Apt. 9® Argyle Control-Top Tights


The above pattern is actually tame enough for you professional career women.

Givenchy Tailored Pinstripe Tights

These pinstripes are uber sexy!


Kate Spade new york Tonal Argyle Tights

Only for bold!

Slashed Pebble Hole Leggings

These could be a little dangerous......I mean, don't snag them on anything sharp or it's over!