Truly 80's

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Now I think we can all agree that the '80s are here to stay for another season, at least. Which is definitely all right with me since I'm all for this decade (80s baby rule!!!). There was the adulation of rock stars, women were leaving the household to go to work, and Lycra and animal prints ruled. Punk was another awesome style that came on to the scene in this era and literally revolutionized the younger generation's self expression.

With that being said, let's catch up with mainstream society and scope out some 80s items.
Zip Front Bandage Halter Dress
Of course bandage dresses were a must in the 80s.
Faux Latex Legging $9.99 (on sale)
Leggings were shiny, matte, knit, lycra, graphic print, you name it.
Wild Zippers Tank $12.80
This top encompasses two 80s trends.....zippers and neon colors
H-JELLYB Clear Sandals $19.95
I definitely remember my feet sweating in the summer when wearing these popular jellies.
Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer $78.00
Blazers with shoulder emphasis was a mainstay throughout the entire 80s.
Sequin Bodycon Skirt $80.00
Sequins on fitted articles of clothing like this bodycon skirt were popular.
Dereon Peekaboo Skinny Jeans
$39.53 (on sale)
Acid wash my closet in all colors
Bamboo-style hoop pierced earrings
Bamboo-style earrings with or without your name in the middle was huge.
Box Pleat Bubble Dress
The party dresses were poofy, ruffled, and short.
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