Reader Request - Leggings from Mya's video

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

I hope you all had a great weekend. I have a reader request to share with you all that was left in this post's comments section.

I was just looking at a new ghetto video off Mya's new album with Bunz B. She had these hot pants on with horizontal slits down the legs. While normally, this would be considered skanky... I'm feeling rather skankish. Is there anyway you can find out who makes them? I have a show at DollHouse in Orlando and would love to premiere them there. JK- The video is from her new album Beauty and the Streetz. She's not dancing so I absolutely can't remember the name of the song... You're awesome- thx!!!!

The link to the video I scouted for this request is:

Alright, I got on this search quick and a hurry and turned up two options that may be the pants that Mya is wearing in the video. When you click on the video, pause it at the 2:59 spot to get a really good view of the pants. With the lighting in the video, the pants look to be lame' but then again, they could be cotton. Anyhew, 2 brands closely resemble the slashed leggings she's wearing: LnA and Pencey

LnA Olivia Thrashed Gathered Bottom Leggings
These are shiny and slashed by hand so no two leggings are alike.

Pencey Slashed Cotton Legging
$233.00 (Take 30 percent off)

Pencey Slash Leggings $130.00

The leggings are pretty darn expensive so I've included several less expensive versions of slashed leggings below.

Peplum - Hole Made Leggings $22.00

Wow....this price is soooo right up my alley right now, lol.

Nightcap Holy Tights $98.00
The top of these leggings fold over like a mini skirt.

Cotton Spandex Jersey $32.00
Side slashing was extremely popular in the 80s.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said…
i really love the cheap ones by peplum but the link doesnt work. could you try fix it plleaseee
Fashion Pad said…
Hey Fashion Pad Reader, I'm sorry, I searched and searched and I couldn't find the peplum leggings. The link doesn't work because they are no longer available. Sorry :-(