Reader Request - Gladiators

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I have several reader requests that I'm a tad bit behind on due to my vacation last week but don't fret, I'll dedicate the next couple of days with answering your fashion queries.

First up is Dana.


I saw this photo of Kourtney K yesterday and her sandals are so cute. Could you tell me who makes them?

Thank you,

Not a problem Dana. I actually have a pair of these in red so I immediately knew who the designer was. It's the low-end celebrity fave Sam Edelman. For us, Sam is definitely affordable but the celebrity stylists still refer to the label as low-end well, because, when you think about it, they are pretty inexpensive compared to say $400 gladiators by Givenchy. Exactly!

I couldn't find this exact color and style online (check Ebay) but the "Giada" sandal is posted below which is basically the same except the beads of choice are wood. Check out the colors that are still available in this style below:
They are all on sale for $88.17 at
BTW, thanks guys for including the photo, where appropriate, in your reader requests. It makes life so much easier for me :-)


Anonymous said…
I was just looking at a new ghetto video off Mya's new album with Bunz B. She had these hot pants on with horizontal slits down the legs. While normally, this would be considered skanky... I'm feeling rather skankish. Is there anyway you can find out who makes them? I have a show at DollHouse in Orlando and would love to premiere them there. JK- The video is from her new album Beauty and the Streetz. She's not dancing so I absolutely can't remember the name of the song... You're awesome- thx!!!!