Marc Jacobs Stam Frame Bag Giveaway on Kaboodle


Forgot to add this other giveaway from They've partnered with Tide to give away a gorgeous Marc Jacobs Stam Frame Bag! We're also giving away weekly prizes including Tiffany pearl earrings, Ray-Ban sunglasses, an Hermes scarf, and a Kate Spade clutch...

Here’s the scoop:

What: Kaboodle’s Back to Classics Giveaway.
Why: The chance to win a Marc Jacobs handbag (value: $1,350). Six additional weekly winners will receive other fabulous accessories.
When: Now through at 12:00 p.m. (PT) on September 7th.
How: Create a styleboard on



Albee said…
Love the bag! Thanks for featuring our giveaway!