Weekend Recap - 4th of July

Greetings Fabulous Readers,

I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful, fun-filled, and safe holiday celebration this past weekend. I ate so much BBQ and side dishes that I'm on a food strike indefinitely....you know, until I get hungry again :-p

I'm also on a retail shopping hiatus for at least two weeks because I have hit up every last store in my city as well as a few online sites and I'm looking really ugly at my bank account right now. Well I guess it's Ramen noodles for me this week, lol!

I went over to my brother and his wife's home for the family BBQ this year and had a blast because our family is hilarious and so is hers.......comedy central I tell ya!

I had to outfit myself in something cute, comfy, and roomy! You will never know how my stomach expanded in this printed maxi, LMBO!

Wow my neck looks bare in this photo but I didn't want to clash with the busy print of this dress. I have to thank my pretty little niece for playing auntie's personal photographer, lol.
Dress and wedge sandals: Forever21; Belt: vintage; Cuff bracelet: Urban Outfitters; Earrings: African street vendor; Handbag: Furla

This dress awesomely camouflaged my inflated belly......sweet!!! I'm looking down in this photo so I think my 7 yr old nephew took this shot, what a cutie pie.

WHOA!!!! Don't know what in the heck happened to my lash extensions but they turned out looking like tarantula legs, lol. My family clowned me the entire day.....geesh! I took them off before I went to my mother's house.

Close up of the wedges.....I'm assuming they are "inspired" by the Gucci heels that are the celebrity favorites but they are surprisingly cute, sturdy, and most importantly, comfortable (astonishing since they only cost about $27).