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Greetings Fashion Friends,

Okay, why in tar-nation did any tell me about ???? I absolutely LOVE this site! I actually happened to run up on it as I was browsing the web. It really took me by surprise. As a personal stylist, it is a freakin' dream come true. I mean, I love Polyvore and all, but sometimes I want to see the clothes on a real body to be certain the look I create actually works well together. I'm even looking into purchasing a mannequin for my business. I think it's a must. Check out what this fashion site's all about below:

Looklet is a brand new styling studio where you can combine every piece in their fashion collection to mix, match and create your personal looks. All clothes are real, selected by stylists, from real designers. They bring in the latest trends from top designers, chase down the coolest vintage from dusty stores and attics, keep track of new designers, and highlight promising students.

Right now, their clothes are somewhat limited but they are constantly bringing in new wardrobe pieces and even asking you, the stylist, to supply some stylish items as well. You know I had to see what all the hype is about and it's FABULOUS!!! You can tuck a shirt in, leave it out, etc. It's a smart move by Looklet and I implore you to join. See my look below:

I call this my punk rock party style. I wanted to add a black studded blazer with the sleeves rolled up of course but they didn't have one available. Oh well, after seeing this look put together I know the blazer would add another punch of style.



Anonymous said…
Check out, it's also good for budding fashionistas.
Sara said…
Yeah I'm on it too!