Greetings Fashion Friends,

Jaclyn Paige is a site that offers designer fashionable beaded bra straps for your strapless and convertible bras. Her bra straps feature Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, pearls, gem stones and glass beads to embellish your bra.

Made by hand, Jaclyn Paige , Designer Bra Straps can be used to create a look UNIQUE TO YOU and can be worn anytime.

They also claim their Bra Straps stand up to over 25 pounds of pressure and DO NOT BREAK!

Right now, all bra straps are on sale for $24.99. Check 'em out, they look cute.



Cathy Anderson said…
I'm a 38D and normally wear a size 14 on top, so I'm not small. I'm 37 and living in a hot climate, so I like to wear cute wonderbra ultimate strapless tops, but need support under them. I have never worn a comfortable strapless bra before (and I've tried many). This bra has finally changed my mind about strapless bras!! I can wear it all day long comfortably with no chafing, pulling, sagging or pinching. Hooray!!!!