Reader Request - Live Band Performance

Greetings Fashionites,

I have a reader request from Angela that I would like to share.

Hey Shanequa,

I'm going to a live band performance from a popular local group and from my understanding it's going to be really nice. Could you give me some ideas of what to wear? I know I want to either rock a dress or a shirt and skirt combination. I also want to separate myself from the hordes of people there.


Ohhh, I love helping with outfits for special events or outings. It's like playing dress up cause I sort of skipped that stage in my young childhood because I was too busy trying to be a tomboy, lol!

Anyhew, I've decided to use some items with embellishments and unusual shapes to accommodate your request. Check them out below. And remember to click on the hyperlinks to see where the items come from if you're interested in buying any of them.

I hope these options will be suitable to your requests Angela :-)



Angela said…
Whoa thanks a lot! I think I'm going to find an outfit similar to either the first or second choices. Yes!