Fab Pics

Greetings Fashion Padders,

I have to get this post in quickly before my computer starts acting up again.....oh bother!!!

Check out Rihanna in this, ummmm, unique look spotted outside of a chicken hut in NY yesterday. She's so fly but I don't know about the hankerchief on her head as it reminds me of the ones used in church to take communion in some churches, except it's died blue instead of white.

Pic spotted at Rihannadaily.com

Adrienne Bailon is turning out to be a super fab fashion chick as she seen her at 10AK in NY for BET’s Rising Stars segment honoring Keri Hilson.

Pic spotted at Necolebitchie.com

I just can not get enough of these sweet YSL cage booties. LOVES them!!!


Becca said…
I like Rihanna's outfit but the hat does look like it belongs in a church on Sunday, LOL!