Bales Clothing

Greetings Fashion Pad Friends,

Thank goodness it's Friday right? I hope you all have had a productive week. I know I have. As a matter of fact, why don't you guys join me in rewarding yourselves for working so hard throughout the week, whether it involved the job, home, school, or just plain working hard to maintain, do something special for yourselves this weekend. I plan on partly relaxing, partly working, and constantly shopping, LOL!

I've already scouted out a fab dress and shirt that I plan to purchase from Bales Clothing when I get home tonight. This young label was founded by Steven Bales and they are straight rocking it in Buffalo, New York. They offer funky tees for men and women, b-ball caps, dresses,

The company's mission is to provide opportunity to and for those seeking personal growth and prosperity, while inspiring others to follow their dreams. They aim to be more than a simple label but a way of life. That's pretty sweet!!!

The Bales Crew, as their affectionately called, also host events around the city and you must follow them on their blog to see what they have going on.

Bales Clothing is sold at the following locations:
Sai-One – 818 Elmwood Avenue. Buffalo, NY. 14222 One of a kind clothing boutique.
Splash Panic – 818 Elmwood Avenue. Buffalo, NY 14222 Trendy and fun clothing for great prices.
Báles Clothing Headquarters 1 - 397 Grant Street Buffalo, NY 14213
Custom orders & Private Appointments only. Call 917.612.0750 Monday – Friday

Of course you can also contact them at to place an order via paypal

Okay, enough of the talking, check out some pics of their products:
This is the super cute dress that I'm going to get!!! Geesh another dress with pink in it!
Go ahead and check 'em!!!