Who Rocked It???

Greetings Fashion Followers,

For this edition of who rocked it, we have Rihanna who was spotted back in May wearing this lovely Alexander Wang fitted corset dress as she excited Kanye West's apartment in NYC. Then we have Paris Hilton who wore the same dress for the “Rock of Ages” show in Manhattan last week.

The way this dress is styled it really looks good on almost all body types and definitely hugs the woman's curves (in all the right places). BTW, this dress, which retails for about $800 is currently sold out at net-a-porter.com. Rihanna's tote is throwing me off but on the other hand, so are Paris' sunglasses, lol!

So who do you think rocked it better? Rihanna or Paris?



Jennifer said…
Yeah this is difficult but I'm gonna go with Paris cause I like the necklace she added.
EclecticChic said…
I think the same dress was worn by Demi Lovato and I reckon she rocked it....!