Greetings Fashion Pad Friends,

Don't sleep on the unique offerings at . I used to skim over this site numerous times because they cater to the urban fashion crowd and well, my style could never be filed as urban. However, as I was bored last night at work I just happened to point my browser to this particular url and low and behold I found some really great buys.

Their clothes are pretty cool and honestly cannot be classified into one particular style either but today I just have to highlight some of their shoes....tres chic!!!

The Scarfun Wedge $90.00
I love these wedges!!! That eggplant purple is super rich and the rubber material is pretty flexible and comfy for summer.

The Akayla Sandal $115.00

This is a eclectic approach to a wedge thong. The suede silver metallic straps are eye catching!

The On the Fringe Flat $45.00

This style is here to stay, in my opinion, and why not? It's truly a classic with an inspired design from the 1960's hippie movement. The strap around the ankle allows you to tighten or loosen the fit because we all know that some of us have some issues with that particular circumference, lol.

We'll discuss some of their clothing options tomorrow among other things.



Tina said…
Ohhhh! Purple's my favorite, these wedges will work great for me on my trip.