Reader Request - Taste of Chicago

Greetings Fashion Followers,

I have a reader request to share with you all from Jackie. Check it out below.


I am going to the Taste of Chicago this upcoming weekend and I've been struggling to find the perfect stylish outfits to take with me that will definitely be cute and comfortable as well. I need a couple of daytime outfits and evening party outfits as well.

Thank you,

Ohhhhh, how absolutely fabulous!!! I went to the Taste of Chicago 2 years ago and had a GREAT time. It is hot as Hades so I'll give you some inspiration for the perfect comfy styles.

Daytime Fits - Jackie you can wear the following styles while perusing the different vendors, attending the concerts, or doing a little shopping. Michigan Ave is right around the corner :-)

Outdoor Concert Festival
Outdoor Concert Festival by Fashion Pad on

Comfy Chic Fit
Comfy Chic Fit by Fashion Pad on

Outdoor Concert
Outdoor Concert by Fashion Pad on

Evening Fits - I would suggest these basics when planning evening attire: mini dress/skirt, a pair of fitted jeans, and shorts. After you get those, then just build around your staple item.

Classy Night Out
Classy Night Out by Fashion Pad on

Looking Fly at the Concert
Looking Fly at the Concert by Fashion Pad on

Party Hard II
Party Hard II by Fashion Pad on

I hope this helps you Jackie! And have fun for me :-)



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