Reader Request - Split Sleeve Cover Up

Greetings Fashion Queens,

I have a reader request from Zudannie that I would like to share:

I came across your blog as I was searching for chic cover ups since I have a beach party this sat. I love the victoria secrets split sleeve cover up and the georgette kaftan but I cant find either on their respective websites. Please help!


Zudannie is referring to these two cover-ups from Victoria's Secret:

Unfortunately Zudannie, these cover-ups are no longer available. They came out on the market in I believe May of 2008. I couldn't even find them on Ebay for you. But not to be deterred I did find some hopefully suitable options. Take a look below.

Hamilton Seafolly Kaftan

Silk Caftan
$58.00 (on sale)

Plunge cover-up tunic
$29.00 (on sale)
Let me know if you need help with anything else prior to Saturday!