Reader Request - Grey Pumps

Greetings Fashion Divas and Happy Friday,

I wanted to share a reader request I received, anonymously, inquiring about grey pumps.


Could you help me find some grey pumps. I want them to be something I can wear for a long time and really affordable.


Okay, you're looking for a classic silhouette. Not any of the new modern designs with the pump. This was kind of difficult because usually grey goes away when the Spring/Summer lines come out but I did find quite a few options. Take a look below.

Classic Hidden Platform Pumps

rsvp Ashly
Leather Pumps
$64.99 (on sale)
Oaks Grey Pump
$49.99 (on sale)

Shiekh Namir
Hope this helps. Happy Shopping!


Sarah said…
Thanks for writing about this. Grey is one of my favorite colors to wear, and I never thought about wearing grey shoes! I really like the rsvp ashly ones!