Love These Heels!

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I told you guys I really purchased a ton of heels in the past week and here's another pair that I'm showing you guys. It's actually some cage style heels I scooped up at Forever 21.

I've already worn them out to meet up with some classmates and I must say I'm in love with them. They feel great! I was really worried about their wear time (you know, the time it takes to searing foot pain) but I pretty much rocked them all night with no problems. Yeah!

I'm such a horrible shot...whateva, you all get the gist!

I'll post my shoes from Report Signature a little later. I'm about the take my niece and nephews to Wet n' Wild for some fun in the sun.....I've always wanted to say that...he, he, he :-)



Jennifer said…
Cute heels. There are some nice treasures at Forever 21 every once and a while.
Kristi7 said…
Holy cats... these are GORGEOUS!
E. Harness said…
Yeah you right that shot is simply atrocious. You should have just let me take it. *wink*