The It Shoe!

Greetings Friends,

I think I've caught the shoe bug, lol. I mean, I have literally purchased about 4 pairs of shoes in the past week. Don't know what's going on. However, when my latest pair arrives from Rue La La, I'll post them for you to see. Yippie!
Oh well, on to more shoes. I really like these Gucci heels that the more "financially able" divas have been spotted rocking lately.

Anna Kournikova recently appeared at the 2009 Destination Fashion Show while Beyonce was spotted heading out of Heathrow airport

Jenny McCarthy sported her pair on stage while Rihanna was rocking her pewter pair while leaving her hotel in NYC.

I really think all of Hollywood has a pair. They're the Iman Triple Ankle Strap sandals. They're apart of Gucci's Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Anyhew, I went to the Gucci store here on Sunday to try them on and up close, they look frighteningly like a monster of a shoe...seriously! They are huge and chunky, truly a statement shoe. However, for me, they lost their appeal but the style itself I still covet. Thus, here I have selected some looks for less because this shoe will definitely set you back a couple of paychecks, lol.

Gucci Iman Triple Ankle Strap Sandal
$854.00 (on sale, originally $1275.00)

Bevans Strappy Heel

Jordin Heel $69.99 (on sale)

Double Buckle T-Strap Platform

Miss Me Footwear Vina 1 Cross
Strap Platform Heel $39.50

You're welcome!