Fedora Mania

Greetings Fashionistas,
I really should have included this post in my summer essential coverage because every since the weather has warmed and the rain has started to descend, I've been sporting fedoras. I love this chic accessory that can either be dressed up or down. And the best part is it's a great cover for bad hair days, LOL!

I love the way these fedoras look on Jada and Melanie....too cute!

My goal is to have a really cute and unique collection of fedoras including vintage finds, straw, and felt styles. This hat style is a classic so a little monetary investment is not out of the picture for me either. Let's check out some of my favs below.
Goorin Brothers Straw Fedora
Satin pinstriped fedora
$14.99 (on sale) www.bananarepublic.com
Fiji Fedora $27.99 www.modcloth.com

Houndstooth Fedora $19.99 www.pinkice.com

MISSION FEDORA $16.50 www.alloy.com

Roxy Straw Fedora with Plaid Ribbon

$26.00 www.southmoonunder.com