Don't Snooze on These Summer Scarves!!!

Greetings Fashionites,

As you've witnessed over the past few seasons, the versatility of the scarf has transformed beyond the fall/winter season. I'm so glad because scarves can really punch up a white tee and jeans and provide you with a really chic and stylish look. Snoozer Loser has some really great styles with light and airy fabrics such as bamboo, silk, and linen. They're priced really well at $28.00 a piece (silk and linen can be expensive). Take a look at a few of my favs below.

Virginia and Charles Scarf $28.00

Elephant Armour Scarf $28.00

Soraya Scarf $28.00

Krystal Scarf $28.00

These scarves are sooooo cute!!! The Elephant Armour is my favorite.