Weekend Recap

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Let me vent for a few sentences about my disastrous weekend!!! Okay, first, after getting my room painted I realized I was running late and would not have time to go shopping for my ensemble for the fashion show. So I shopped my closet, which was fun and I turned up 4 potential candidates. Well I had to hurry up and leave to make it to my niece and nephew's dance recital. So I hit the highway and made it just 5 minutes before they started. Now the show started promptly at 5pm, the doors to the fashion show opened at 7pm. I was approximately one hour away in my hometown. Now why didn't I just wear my clothes that I had laid out to the dance recital so I could arrive on time to the fashion show? Well that seemed to be the million dollar question of the weekend.

Once I realized there was no way I'd make it all the way back home to change clothes I left the recital early, missing one of my nephew's performances :-( and I stopped at the mall to find a suitable option. It took me less than 35 minutes but the lines were long (what recession?) and the traffic was atrocious! My friend and I made it to the show at 8:45pm.......just in time to see the awards given out....arrrggghhh!!!!!! I was SOOOOOO MAD! It was a total waste of my money and I missed part of my nephew's performance. Thank goodness they had a second show on Sunday. Anyhew, since I had a new fit me and my bff decided to go out and tried to save the rest of the day.

Blazer and shorts: Macys; Fedora: Bebe; Heels: Nordstroms; Tank and Earrings: Charlotte Russe; Necklace: Forever 21; Cuff: Hot Topic

I told you guys that a fedora and a blazer was a must!

The scene was FIRE! We had an excellent time!

Needless to say I think we made up for the missed shows!



Samantha said…
That blazer is hot!!!
Anonymous said…
You look great! That blazer is the PERFECT fit! I wish I could see the shoes better, but I bet they were hot.

Do you think that you can tell me some nice places to go to this weekend in Orlando? My cousin and I will be out there to celebrate her birthday and I have no idea where to take her. I was thinking City Walk, but I've been there before and thought it was too many tourists. Any places that you suggest would be great! I'm 26, she's 21 and her boyfriend that's coming with us is 24. We all like hip hop music. Thank you for any insight that you can give!