Vintage Treasures

Greetings Fashion Followers,

I'm a little under the weather this morning.....actually I'm SEVERELY under the weather this morning hence the super late post. I'm at home looking a hot mess and I'm going to stay that way until I feel better.
This sucks really bad because my cousin's college graduation is on Sunday in Tallahassee and I have to be there. I hope I can squash this bug quick! Pray for me!

Well, I wanted to share with you some awesome vintage finds that I'm about to purchase. Then I'm going back to bed.....See below.
80's Sequin Butterfly Disco Top
I'm just gonna be too happy to pair this blinged out top with some skinnies.
SWEET ROMANCE Nouveau Harp Pendant Necklace
This is actually being purchased for my niece who loves pendant necklaces.
Starry Night Knit Dress
I love this 'lil mini which is unusual because I'm not really into star patterns.

Vintage Fringe Ear Cuff


A cuff earring? Sweet!